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Clear your Energy
Own your Light

Help is here!

I've created a meditation to help support you during these chaotic times.  

To download your FREE meditation

Allowing Chaos, Accessing Calm

just click below!

*Music:  Spiritual Sun Opening by Thaddeus.

Used with permission.

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 Whatever issue you are facing, I can help you clear the energy behind it.


I'm Natalie Kittell, an Intuitive Coach and Energy Healer. 


I've learned through myself and my clients that our issues - no matter what form they take - are really just a call to bring awareness into ourselves and release, integrate, or repair something within our mind-body-spirit system. 

Using a blend of intuitive practices, energy work, and mind-body techniques, I help people experience CLARITY, UNDERSTANDING, and ENERGETIC RELEASE of the "issues" behind their issues.  I guide people into their bodies to process emotions, receive insight, and energetically release the origin of what’s no longer serving them (past hurts, emotional pain, outdated beliefs, and more).  As a result, they feel lighter, brighter, and more connected to who they really are.  


If you are ready to stop experiencing the same issues, triggers, and woes that are holding you back, and you want to heal yourself and your life, I'd love to work with you through an INTUITIVE COACHING & ENERGY HEALING SESSION or an INTUITIVE READING SESSION.

The key to healing lies within releasing the energy behind what's keeping you stuck and opening to the truth of who you are.

And I can help you do just that. 

Sessions may include:

  • Body-based emotional processing 

  • Intuitive reading 

  • Energetic release of beliefs and patterns

  • Energetic release of past experiences 

  • Integrating younger parts of yourself

  • Energetic release of past life energy

  • Energetic release of ancestral patterns

  • Working with energetic cords

  • Using light energy and color as healing tools 

  • Sensing into your aura 

  • Sensing into your chakras

  • Calling in angels and guides to support the session

  • Teaching you how to work with your own angels and guides 

  • Teaching you how to clear your own energy and space

  • Teaching you how to center 

  • Teaching you how to tap into your own intuition

  • Teaching you mindfulness

  • Teaching you self-compassion

  • Teaching you thought work tools

  • Teaching you relaxation techniques

  • Offering you energetic and practical next steps

Curious about how I might help you along your path?  Let's talk!

Book a FREE 15-30 minute discussion to explore the idea of working with me.  

You have the power.  I have the tools.  Let me help you uncover your own ability to heal.
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