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Are you ready to go inward to heal?


My name is Natalie Kittell and I’m a Mind-Body Coach and Reiki Practitioner.   I help people heal themselves and their lives by going inward.  Using a blend of mind-body techniques, energy work, and my own intuition, I guide people into their bodies to process emotions, receive insight, and release anything that’s no longer serving them (past hurts, emotional pain, and more).  As a result, they feel lighter, brighter, and more connected to who they really are.  If you’re ready to look inward to transform your life, I’d love to work with you!  

How do you know when it's time to go inward?  Your life (and your body) will let you know:


You aren't feeling or acting like yourself, and that frustrates you

Your old ways of dealing with stress aren't working anymore

Your emotions are out of whack (and that's stressing you out too)

Using mental effort to analyze and change the situations in your life isn't working

You're feeling physical, mental, and emotional pain 

You find yourself triggered or unhappy in relationships

The same old situations keep repeating over and over again in your life

You feel out of sorts and crave reconnection with yourself and your joy


If you're ready to go inward, I can help you:

Learn mindful self-compassion to increase self-kindness and decrease self-pressure

Take care of your own stress so that it doesn’t bleed into other areas of your life

Reconnect with your intuitive side to make choices that feel good

Clear and rebalance your energy

Shift from thinking or talking about emotions to feeling them in your body  (this is a game-changer, by the way!)

Receive your own insight, guidance, and clarity from tuning into your body's sensations as you process emotions

Heal and release past hurts so that you can live life in the present moment



The key to healing lies within using the body to release the energy behind what's keeping you stuck.  And I can help you do just that. 

Curious about working with me?  Let's talk!

Book a FREE 15-30 minute discussion to explore the idea of working with me.  

You have the power.  I have the tools.  Let me help you uncover your own ability to heal.
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