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"I can't even tell you how much I enjoyed my session with Natalie and how helpful it was.  I was hoping to gain some clarity and/or relief around some physical symptoms I have been having for some time.  The pain I had in and around my ribs pretty much disappeared, which is so amazing.  I can't even remember a the last time I didn't have it!  I have had many different types of energy healing sessions before and what I experienced with Natalie was so unique and unlike any session I have had in the best possible way.  Natalie is truly so gifted and talented at what she does.  I love how she checks in with you and lets you know what's going on during the session.  Natalie made sure to take her time to really get to know me and what issues I've been having.  The pain I was experiencing has continued to decline since our call.  I highly recommend Natalie's work to anyone who wants to get more in touch with their mind/body connection."

                                                                                                 ~ Shaina Trumbull, CT

"I first booked a session with Natalie because I was suffering the residual effects of a physical injury, which I suspected meant that something in my energy field needed to be realeased.  Being led by Natalie's very gentle and compassionate guidance, I was able to surface things that I hadn't realised that needed healing.  Natalie listened intently and kindly, without making judgments, so I felt deeply supported in the space and lighter having been able to release things that were troubling me.


I've since attended one of Natalie's healing circles which was such a special experience and the energy of the group seemed to lead to a synchronistic release of similar issues.  I highly recommend working with Natalie and the experiencing her magical powers for yourself."

                                                                                                 ~ Nikki, London, UK

"I had never done any energy healing or intuitive work prior to the Healing Circle.  Natalie made us all feel comfortable and I could feel the energy shift.  As she went through each part of the body I had a warmth that spread.  As she mentioned feet and ankles, my one ankle and foot that I had sprained was tingling and warm.  It felt like I was asleep and waking up.  As this was completely virtual I have no explanation but for the first time in 3 weeks I was able to walk my 10,000 steps and work out with no pain.  I had been substantially adjusting both of these and no longer have to.  I plan on attending future energy healings and highly recommend the experience and results!  I also listen to Natalie's 10 minute meditation and I can immediately relax and centre." 

                                                                                                 ~ Lisa, Canada

"Natalie is a truly wonderful coach.  Her calming presence, strong intuition, and guidance made me feel completely supported during all of our sessions.  I have worked with Natalie on many issues from chronic pain to releasing of trauma to integrating deep soul guidance that was received during our work together.  Natalie is a beautiful soul with the ability to help soothe, guide, and heal.  I highly recommend her. "

                                                                                                 ~ Jessica, Chicago, IL

"I felt very supported for my healing session with Natalie and that feeling of being held began well before our session! She emailed me initially and introduced me to the process and what to expect, and I especially appreciated that as I was new to this modality. And the actual session was magical! It was so lovely to receive Natalie's healing energies and guidance. With her support and intuition, I was able to process some much needed energies and felt much lighter after our session as a result. My body, mind, and spirit felt refreshed and renewed. Plus the cards that were pulled at the end of our session were especially relevant for my life and business - wow!  Thank you so again, Natalie, for your session!"

                                                                                                 ~ Deanna, Canada

"I had such a great time with Natalie from the point of scheduling through the time of the session.  She is so sweet and soft, and I could tell how much she cares.  She is knowledgeable and asked great questions - we covered so much in such a short time period.  She will talk as much or little as you want.  The session itself was amazing.  She shared some information about what energies were present with us - it was so fascinating.  The energy moved so much during the session and I loved being able to feel the release.  So much progress was made and the energy continued into the evening. The next morning was phenomenal - I felt so much lighter. I am so glad I had the session, and I look forward to next time.  She has so much more to share."

                                                                                                 ~ Deirdre

"I have really enjoyed my experience with Natalie for energy healing and intuitive coaching.  I wanted to experience healing and an energy shift regarding childhood trauma and a current difficult relationship.  Natalie has a special gift for bringing clarity to the mind/body/soul through a combination of meditative process, coaching and healing.  I felt more free and stronger after our sessions.  I believe the energy shift continued long after our sessions."

                                                                                                 ~ Beth, San Francisco, CA

"I am fairly new to working with an energy healer but my experience working with Natalie has been tremendous and much more than I could have expected. Working virtually I thought may pose a challenge but Natalie made me feel right at ease and helped me get prepared and comfortable to have a successful session. Our work together varied and built upon what we did each week. I felt very connected on different levels and the sensations were remarkable. I definitely felt shifts in energy and the best part for me was being able to walk away with practical tools to keep implementing into my daily routines. Natalie's unique experience as a healer combined with her coaching techniques was a great partnership. She takes the time to listen, get in tune with her client, help them to get to the root of their concerns and shares a variety of tools to ensure you find something that resonates for you, that you can carry far beyond your session. If you are new to working with a healer or have had a great deal of experience, I think you will find Natalie to be a unique blend of healer and coach for a very powerful and personalized experience. "

                                                                                                 ~ Alyssa, Boston, MA

"Natalie creates a safe space for sharing whatever is coming up for me at the time.  She has a true gift for using her intuition to get to the heart of the matter and effortlessly guides me through the process of tuning into my own inner wisdom.  I am truly grateful for her coaching and presence."

                                                                                                 ~ K.M., Boulder, CO

"I sought out Natalie for coaching because I have lived with a chronic health condition for 15+ years and know that stress directly impacts how I feel physically and emotionally.  My hope was to learn strategies to become better able to recognize and manage this relationship with stress.  Our sessions have helped to develop a greater awareness than I'd had previously of many unhealthy patterns of thinking, focused my attention inward to things that I had allowed to build up over the years - things that I had ignored - and taught me, through the guidance of how I felt, to move past these road blocks.  Natalie brings openness, no judgment, and guidance to achieve an individual experience throughout the sessions.  I would recommend her for anyone seeking to work on the mind-body connection to his or her health.

                                                                                                 ~ Anonymous

"Natalie is an amazingly skilled coach.  She sincerely listened to me and helped me understand how my thoughts affected my mental and physical wellbeing.  Natalie provided some remarkable techniques to help me release the negative thoughts that were impacting my emotional and physical health which, in turn, affected my personal happiness.  Natalie is very committed to mind-body-spirit wellness.  She is extremely talented, kind and caring and I highly recommend her.   Working with Natalie has been a wonderful, healing experience for me."

                                                                                                 ~ R.K., PA                

"I decided to try out coaching and am grateful to Natalie for showing me tools I can use to calm my mind and experience the sensations in my body without fear and judgment.  Through our conversations, she pointed out to me my perfectionist and pressure-ridden thoughts and beliefs about myself which cause tension in my body.  Natalie is a skilled listener and wonderful teacher.  I highly recommend her for coaching."

                                                                                                 ~ Julie B., Denver, CO

"Natalie is a gifted listener.  My energy reading with her felt warm, informative, and surprising.  In the short period of time we talked, I gained yet another level of clarity of what had been on my mind.  Thank you, Natalie for sharing your gifts with me."


~ Diane D., Bloomington, IL

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