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The Mind-Body Approach

I've been trained in Mind-Body Coaching and thus the mind-body approach is one aspect of my work. 

Click below to learn more about the basic parts of a mind-body approach and how each may be used during a session:

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Listen to Your Body

Connect to Your Body


How is your body feeling today?  Take a moment and notice – are your shoulders tense?  Face muscles contracted?  How does your heart space feel?  Your throat?  Your abdominal region?


Many of us aren’t paying much attention to our bodies throughout the day.  We may not notice that we are hungry or tired or tense.  In fact, we may have even learned to disconnect from ourselves as a way to cope with difficult situations.  But, to be in touch with the body’s wisdom, we must first be connected to and aware of the body.  Thus, tuning into your body is often the starting point of a session.  It’s especially necessary when you are in emotional or physical overwhelm or feeling really stuck or disconnected from yourself.


During a session, I may help you tune back into your body by guiding you to do some of the following:

  • Notice your breath, hands, and feet

  • Conduct a body scan to notice sensations, tension, or contraction

  • Allow sensations as they occur without trying to change them

  • Direct your awareness to areas of comfort and then to areas of discomfort to soothe your nervous system

Access, Feel, and Process Emotions

Process Your Emotions


Processing your emotions is one of the most important things you can do for your health and wellbeing. Maybe you are used to stuffing your emotions.  Or, perhaps, you talk a lot about your emotions, but never seem to feel better.   It's common for people to not actually know how to access, feel, and process emotions.  Feeling emotions does not mean talking about your emotions using words.  Instead, emotions are felt and released by dealing with them as physical sensations in your body.  I will teach you how to work with your emotional energy so that it can be released from your body.  When emotions are flowing in a healthy way, they don't stay stuck in us.  When they are not flowing, we feel stuck, stressed, or in pain. 

As I guide you to process your emotions, you will learn how to:

  • Notice (emotional) sensations in your body and stay present with them

    • Ex:  you may notice a heaviness in your chest and describe it to me (it's color, size, texture, etc.)​

  • Allow your emotions (rather than push them away), and work with any resistance you may have to feeling emotions​

  • Receive helpful information from your emotional sensations that will allow you to understand and/or release what the emotion is connected to (though sometimes all that's needed for release of the stuck energy is just to allow it, and a deeper understanding of where it came from is not needed) 

  • Realize when you have unprocessed emotions that need your attention

    • Ex: thought loops, worrying,  ​physical pain, keeping yourself really busy, etc., are signals that it's time to feel emotions

  • Allow your emotions to flow in daily life (rather than suppressing them) using quick daily check-ins that I'll teach you​

Most importantly, as I help you learn to process emotions - we will not push.  Rather, we will be gentle and move and your pace.

Note:  There may be times when you need to express emotions before, during, or after feeling emotions.  Some ways I may suggest you allow this expression could include free writing, talking, drawing, using imagery, or pairing expressive activities with physical activities. 

Observe Your Mind

Observe Your Mind

Our minds can be tricky, and very convincing.   Our repetitive thoughts loops usually signal that there are some emotions we need to process.  But first we must bring awareness to instances of self-pressure, negativity, or any kind of obsessive thinking that's occurring in the present moment.  When we notice our thoughts, we stop identifying with them, and we open the door to healing what's behind them.  I will teach you to step into the role of the observer.  As you do that, you will automatically be embracing self-compassion and letting go of self-judgment created by your mind.  

Connect to Youre Own Guidance

Access Your Own Guidance

As we work together, I can help you explore and decode the messages your body is sending you.  As we work with a specific discomfort, sensation, or negative belief, your body will provide you with guidance or insight into that issue.  I will guide you with questions so that you better understand this information.  Your body will help you to see what is causing or connected to the discomfort, sensation, or belief, and I can then help you release it at its source.  

You may receive information through images, metaphors, words, sensing/feeling, or a combination.  Here are some simple examples of guidance and insights received by my clients (remember, I will guide you with questions to explore information further and release what's needed):

  • Guidance:

    • Seeing a path light up, with supportive people helping along the way​

    • Hearing:  Trust yourself and take some time to rest and play 

    • Feeling warmth in the heart when thinking about taking on a new project

    • Hearing: Create a cozy space in your office so that you feel more at ease 

    • Hearing: Go into nature for help with feeling difficult emotions

  • Insight:​

    • Seeing a family member with whom the negative belief ​originates

    • Seeing oneself carrying a heavy box and getting an immediate sense it's connected to feeling responsible for everyone and everything

    • Image of a body that's running from something

    • Seeing a younger self that wants to be heard or supported

    • Seeing a tight rope tangled up inside your abdomen


As you work with me to release what's no longer serving you, your connection to yourself will build, and you will begin to access your inner wisdom more easily and clearly.  

Are you ready to release what's no longer serving you and reconnect with yourself?

You have the power.  I have the tools.  Let me help you uncover your own ability to heal.
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