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Sessions are offered remotely via phone or video conference or in person.

Energy Healing

Energy Healing Session / 60 minutes / $145


Energy Healing Sessions help to clear the energetic blocks holding you back, restore balance within your mind, body, emotions, and spirit and reconnect you to your true essence.    

We'll take some time to talk and set intentions together.  Then I'll connect with Source energy and use my intuition to guide my focus into your body, energy field, and/or into particular chakras to help release energetic blocks and restore balance within those areas.  I'll keep you informed of where my focus is and you are welcome to share what you're noticing or ask questions at any time.  A minimal amount of visualization or coaching may be offered as needed to support the session.   At the end you'll receive a few practical or energetic tools or tips for you to use to help with integration after the session. 


New clients:  plan on a 75-90 minute initial session.  I'll be in touch to further communicate what to expect and how to prep for your first session.

To book, click on the button below.  Once you submit your payment, you'll be redirected to schedule your session. 

Chakra Clearing Session / 30 minutes / $85

This is a session to focus solely on clearing, balancing, and connecting your chakras.  If you are looking for a quick reset, this is the session for you. To book, click on the button below.  Once you submit your payment, you'll be redirected to schedule your session.  *New clients:  Plan on 45 minutes for your initial session.

Intuitive Coaching

Intuitive Coaching Session / 60 minutes / $145


Intuitive Coaching Sessions help you tune into your body and tap into your intuition to receive the release, information, and guidance you need.  Sessions may involve any of the following:

- compassionate/reflective listening

- mind, body, emotion, and spirit tools as needed 

- helping you connect with yourself, your own insight, and/or your spiritual support       team

- practical or energetic next steps to help you integrate shifts and continue moving         forward

These sessions will help you learn how to support yourself in so many ways.  Learn how to release physical issues, ground and center, meet yourself with compassion, allow/release (instead of stuffing) emotions, reconnect with your inner guidance system, connect with your spiritual support team, and more! 

To purchase, click on the button below.  Once you submit your payment, you'll be redirected to schedule your session. *New clients:  plan on a 75-90 minute initial session.

Custom Sessions

Custom Session / 60 minutes / $145

This session is a blend of energy healing and intuitive coaching based on your needs.  *New clients: plan on a 75-90 minute initial session.


Package of 4 / 4 - 60 minute sessions / $495

(Save $85!)  Invest in your well-being with this package.  You will have the flexibility to choose from any 60-minute offering (Energy Healing, Intuitive Coaching, or a Custom Session) each time you book a session. 

Curious about working with me but not ready to book? 

Let's set up a FREE 15-30 minute call. 

Use this FREE 15-30 minute discussion as an opportunity to explore the idea of working with me.  I'll answer any questions you have about what I do and how it may help you.   You'll also share some basic information with me about yourself and why you are looking to have a session.  

Please note the following concerning all of my sessions:

The sessions I offer are not in any way to be construed as or serve as a replacement for psychotherapy, legal counsel, medical guidance or financial guidance. I am not a psychologist, psychotherapist, physician, or other licensed health care provider. The client agrees to consult with and seek the care from the appropriate professional for medical and/or psychological issues. I do not give advice concerning medical, legal, mental health, or financial matters. I maintain no responsibility or liability for any decisions or actions the client takes as a result of having a session with me. The client is solely responsible for his/her/their own decisions, actions, and results that occur prior to, during, or after a session with me. All contacts, information, and records are kept confidential unless otherwise required by law. 

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