Guiding Beliefs

As a coach and energy healer, I believe that…

  • Compassion is a must.  I will teach you how to be kind to yourself, and I will be a compassionate guide throughout your session.  I do not subscribe to the idea of “tough love” as a way to promote healing. 

  • Your present experiences are pointing you toward what needs to be explored and released.  The present moment usually links itself to the past, without the need to go digging.

  • Tuning into your body (often via your emotions) is an effective way to explore and release what’s no longer serving you.

  • Sensations in the body may be connected to a variety of things (suppressed emotions, past experiences, parts of ourselves asking to be noticed or heard, beliefs that are not true for us, and more), but each session is an opportunity to investigate what the sensations are saying to YOU.  I come to each session with an open mind.

  • Intuition is valuable.  I will help you tap into your own intuition.  I may also receive intuitive guidance for you during a session.  I will share if you are open, and keep to myself if you are not!

  • There’s no need to push.  You will have your own unique pace for healing that’s perfect for you! 


I believe that we can heal by going inward.  I have observed with myself and with clients that many of the issues we experience are connected to something inside of us asking to be looked at and healed.  I’m not sure I would have arrived at this conclusion had I not studied and experienced the mind-body connection for myself. (For more information on the mind-body connection, click here).


Now, I realize that the body is an amazing guide for directing us toward what we need to release.  And as we listen, release, and heal, we let go of all the outdated beliefs, suppressed emotions, and past traumas we’ve been holding onto.  With that baggage gone, we can come into better alignment with ourselves.  In this way, healing involves not just mind and body, but mind, body, emotion, and spirit.

You have the power.  I have the tools.  Let me help you uncover your own ability to heal.

Certified Usui Shiki Ryoho

Reiki Practitioner 


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