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Guiding Beliefs

As an energy healer, intuitive, and coach I believe that…

  • Compassion is a must.  I will teach you how to be kind to yourself, and I will be a compassionate guide throughout your session.  I do not subscribe to the idea of “tough love” as a way to promote healing. 

  • The mind, body, emotions, and your spirit are all connected.  Physical issues may stem from emotional blocks, spiritual blocks or mental blocks.  

  • Energy work offers you a higher vibration which your system can to decide to match.  It truly is you that heals yourself!   

  • It's possible to release issues without knowing what they were about.

  • Tuning into possibilities and what you want is a powerful and helpful way to bring change.

  • Your present experiences point you toward what needs to be explored or released.  There's no need to go digging.

  • Tuning into your body's sensations/emotions can be an effective way to explore and release what’s no longer serving you.

  • Sensations in the body may be connected to a variety of things (suppressed emotions, past experiences, parts of ourselves asking to be noticed or heard, beliefs that are not true for us, ancestral or past life energy, and more), but it's best to approach each sensation with curiosity and an open mind to discern what each sensation is saying to YOU.

  • Intuition is an amazing tool, but your intuition is always best.  Listen to any messages that come up during a session through your own filter and decide if they make sense to you.  

  • There’s no need to push.  You will have your own unique pace for growth, healing, and self-discovery that’s perfect for you! 


I believe that we all have the capacity to live the life we dream.   The path there, for me, involves releasing what's no longer serving me, opening to (and feeling into) bigger, better, higher possibilities, and listening for how my soul is trying to nudge me forward.  

The energetic realm and energy work can be a great access point for self-healing.  You'll be held in a high vibration during the session which gives your system a chance to increase it's vibration, release what's ready to go, and heal on all levels.  It can also help you tune into yourself and what you want.  And, one of my favorite parts - when approaching your issues from an energetic level, you don't have to solve or fix the problem!  The energy will do the work for you!

The body is also an amazing guide for directing us toward what needs attention and how to take steps forward.  Mind-body tools help you connect with your body safely so that you can let emotional energy flow, release outdated beliefs, connect with yourself, and much more.  (For more information on the mind-body connection, click here).  

However you get there, clearing energy from your systems and upgrading your vibration will create more space for your true self to come through.  You'll entire system will benefit - mind, body, emotions, and spirit - and open the door to dreaming up and creating the life you've always wanted! 

You have the power.  I have the tools.  Let me help you uncover your own ability to heal.
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