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Helping You Heal ~ Mind, Body, & Spirit

Are you tired of feeling stuck, stressed, or in pain?

Are you ready to release what's no longer serving you?

You've come to the right place.

Life has a way of bringing us the exact experiences we need to heal.

But how do we recognize them?  And how to do we work through them?  Walking your healing path alone can be hard and frustrating.  You know something isn’t right – maybe your body is screaming at you in pain, relationships are tense, your emotions are overwhelming, or old ways of showing up in the world just aren’t working anymore. 

If this is where you are, right now, it might be time to let go


But how?  Of what? 

That’s where I come in.  I have walked this path myself and can help you uncover and heal the source of the issue that's holding you back.  I will teach you how to connect to your body, process your emotions, observe your mind, and access the answers (guidance/wisdom) you already have.  


How will this be different than other things you've tried?


One of the most powerful aspects of mind-body coaching is the underlying idea that suppressed emotions can create a lot of chaos in your life.  They can lead to chronic pain, repetitive thought loops, triggers in relationships, and more.  The key to feeling better lies within releasing the energy behind what's keeping you stuck.  During the coaching process, we will do just that.  I will teach you how to connect with your emotions as physical sensations in your body (something you may have never learned), and I will guide you in understanding what your body is communicating to you.  As you work with your body and emotions in this way, you will let go of what’s no longer serving you and heal yourself.  It’s quite an amazing process!

I am a Mind-Body Coach and Reiki Practitioner.  I help people who are stuck, stressed, or in pain release what’s no longer serving them.  I use a combination of mind-body tools, energy work, and my own intuition to teach clients how to tune into the body to process emotions, receive insight, and heal each issue at its source.  As they work with me, clients reconnect with themselves and their own wisdom and experience greater health, vitality, and peace.  

Curious about working with me?  Let's talk!

Book a FREE 15-30 minute discussion to explore the idea of working with me.  I'll answer any questions you have about coaching or Reiki and how they may help you.   You'll also share some basic information with me about yourself and why you are looking to be coached or seeking energy healing. Note that if you choose to work with me, all sessions will be conducted via phone or Skype.

You have the power.  I have the tools.  Let me help you uncover your own ability to heal.
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