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Important Info about Intuitive Readings

Intuitive readings help shed light on the energy connected to, causing, or affected by your issue.  It’s a great way for you to feel seen and supported and gain some awareness, understanding, and clarity. 


When I do intuitive readings, I get myself centered, set a safe space, connect with you at the soul level, and invite in any relevant guides (note:  guides may or may not be relevant to your session).  My intuition comes through in a variety of ways (images/visuals, knowing, hearing info/messages, feeling.)


I may:

  • Connect energetically with your soul and at times with your guides

  • Look at energy flow within you or between you and other people, groups, or “things” (an issue, structure, etc.)

  • Notice the emotions related to the issue

  • Connect with parts of yourself (younger parts/the inner child) who are connected to your issue

  • Get visuals and images

  • (and more)


Sometimes there’s an art to phrasing your questions.  If you phrase it in a way where you’re looking for me to tell you what to do or how to do it, I won’t answer that directly.  For example:


  • I won’t tell you what to do, what you "should" do or what you are “meant” to do.  These kinds of questions take your power away. 

  • I won’t make predictions. I believe the future is subject to change.  I can look at the energy of general timelines.

  • I won’t look deeply at the energy of other people.  The reading is for you.  I can look at energy flow between you and someone, but without the permission I won’t look deeply at the energy of someone else. 


Examples of how I may tweak your question if it’s coming from a disempowered place or about someone besides you: 


If you ask: I need to decide if I want to move.  Does it look like I’m meant to be in Boston? 

I might look at instead:  What’s keeping you stuck and unable to decide if you want to move?


If you ask: My doctor told me I need hip surgery.  Should I get it?

I might look at instead:  what are you feeling about having surgery?  Is there an emotion or thought keeping you from knowing what to do?


If you ask: Is my son going to be ok? 

I might look at instead: Why aren’t you trusting that your son will be ok?  How are you feeling about your son?


So, it’s not that you have to ask your questions perfectly, it’s just that I will always shift my focus so that you can receive information that empowers you.



If you’re interested in a written reading, here are a few notes:


  • You can submit up to 3 questions…BUT….they all must be related to ONE TOPIC.

  • You are welcome to give a little context to your question(s).

  • I’ll get back to you within a week with my reading!

Ready to receive a written reading?  (Note:  Once you submit your questions, I'll send a payment link.  You'll then receive your written reading within the next 7 days from the date you submitted payment).

Or, head back to my Services page:

If you have questions about any of the intuitive reading sessions, feel free to ask questions using the form below! 

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