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Why I Do This Work

I know what it feels like to feel frustrated, stuck, and losing hope.  For several years I dealt with an array of health issues that seemed to arise suddenly, including digestive issues, weight loss, chronic headaches, widespread muscle tension and pain, and severe fatigue.  I had a feeling that there was a way for me to heal, but I just wasn’t sure how.  I felt stuck in so many ways.  That's when my exploration into self-healing began. 


First I found a mind-body coach who began teaching me techniques to connect to my body, emotions, and inner wisdom.  I was also taught how to be mindful of my thoughts, show myself more compassion, and lessen self-pressure.  Practicing mind-body techniques helped my health and chronic pain immensely.  I began to see that going inward helped me to understand what my outer issues were connected to.  I learned to release and heal the source of these issues, and I learned to connect with my own guidance.  Soon after realizing the healing power in these sessions, I decided to become a mind-body coach myself.  

But it didn't stop there.  A


Another way I have supported myself on my path to wellness has been through receiving energy healing.  Because I've experienced the calming, clearing, and rebalancing effects of energy healing, I also offer Reiki sessions to my clients who are looking to experience that, too.

You have the power.  I have the tools.  Let me help you uncover your own ability to heal.
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