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  • Natalie Kittell

Self-Trust & the Truth About Your Intuition

For years now I’ve heard others talk about things like receiving “downloads” and making “aligned” decisions. I gotta tell ya, it had me thinking, wondering – what the heck am I doing wrong? Why wasn’t I receiving downloads? And why did making aligned decisions feel so hard?

For one thing, I often labored over trying to figure out the “right” thing to do before attempting anything. I also manufactured scenarios to try to coerce “signs” from the universe. And if none of those worked, I’d go to someone else to have them tell me what to do. This pattern wasn’t just confusing, it was draining. And it certainly wasn’t helping me build trust in myself.

Why was I operating like that? Partly because I was convinced that’s how these things worked. The skies had to open up and bestow upon me clear and powerful information (the download). My energy had to be perfectly set so that I could know exactly what to do to make sure everything was in alignment with that (because aligned action is the only action, right?)

I was also operating like this because, like most of humans, I’m a product of a bunch of old patterns and beliefs that got locked in some time ago. Do any of these ring a bell: I have to get things right the first time. It’s not ok to make mistakes. Someone else knows what’s best for me.

Well, things are more clear now. For example, receiving a download could be a big, obvious, dramatic thing OR it might just mean having an idea pop into my mind. And while it may be possible to feel like a choice or action is aligned before making it, what if I could also let myself try something and THEN reflect on how it felt (rather than trying to predict the “right” decision in order to avoid making the “wrong” decision…oh, so exhausting!)

I’m so glad I finally realize this!

Now I have more freedom to take action without needing to know if it’s “aligned” or “right” first, make mistakes knowing that it’s all learning, and listen to whatever ordinary way my intuition wants to talk to me.

So how can you start to rebuild YOUR sense of self-trust? My advice - don’t wait for fireworks or a full body reaction or for someone else to make a choice for you. Begin noticing and allowing in the whispers, however they show up, and see where they take you!




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