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  • Natalie Kittell

What is your body holding today?

Most of us are really good at keeping busy. It’s easy to be engulfed in thinking about the future, planning the next “thing” or constantly checking tasks off the to-do list. But often, our desire to stay busy is also a distraction away from emotions held by our body. These emotions want to flow, but they need to be acknowledged first.

If you notice yourself feeling a little off or unclear, yet keeping very busy (whether mentally or physically), it could be time to check in with your body.

So, when you’re ready, give yourself a break from whatever you’ve been focusing on and put your attention on yourself. Breathe and feel into your body. What do you notice? There may be areas that are tense or heavy or tight. Notice any area calling your attention and breathe into it. If you’d like, imagine white light entering each area with your breath. As you connect with your body, you may notice other things: the feeling in that area of the body may shift (or not), emotions may come to the surface (or not), images or memories may pop into your mind (or not). Whatever happens, know it’s all ok. Hold compassion for yourself and just keep breathing.

As with any other tool, be gentle and don’t overdo it! No need to tune into your body for hours on end, but checking in for small amounts of time can be really helpful. Chances are this simple technique will help you feel more grounded and clear. And if a lot of emotions come up, be aware that you may need a little down time or rest after releasing that energy from your body.

Let me know how this simple way to tune into your body (and emotions) works for you!

Sending love,



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